Learn how to create a simple AWS VPC

In my previous post, I provided a high-level component overview of the AWS VPC construct. I also hinted on a multi-part guide on how to create a VPC and ultimately connect it to your on-prem environment. This post is the first part of this guide. At the end, you should understand how to create a VPC, assign subnets, and associate subnets to a route table.

AWS VPC High Level

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AWS VPC: A Primer

The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a logical, networking construct that provides the network layer for EC2 instances and other AWS services. Basically, it’s a software-defined networking solution that gives you the flexibility to bring your own IP addresses to the cloud, create subnets, configure routing, and implement security and access policies. While there’s much we could do with VPCs, I want to keep this post brief and simply explain VPC concepts. I do plan to build on this post so stay tuned for multi-part guides on how to create VPCs and connect them to your on-prem or cloud environments.

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